School Coaching in Annemasse

School coaching

School coaching is offered for students from 12 years old (6th) to 25 years old (higher education), in individual coaching but with 3 sessions with parents (1st session, intermediate session and last session).

The frequency is 8 to 12 one-hour sessions, at the rate of one hour per week (i.e. around 3 months maximum)

Beforehand, that it’s important to understand that a coach is not a parent, teacher or friend, he is a companion, who helps your child, without authority or condescension, to ask the right questions, to overcome their difficulties, to be comfortable in their schooling, and later in their life! This is a unique role that does not really exist in the daily life of the young person, which allows them to quickly have trust and let’s the changes to take place

The reasons for directing your child to school coaching are as diverse as a teenager can be 😊Here are the frequent themes on which I can help your child:

  • Anxiety following a change of class or school.
  • Difficulty memorizing, learning
  • Fear of failure leading to stress and anxiety
  • Preparation for exams, especially oral exams
  • Professional or Studies Orientation assistance, based on their profile of understanding, learning, their talents, their values.
  • Recurring behavior that he wishes to change (Hyper control/Shyness/Excessive altruism/Extreme susceptibility/Poor management of emotions/Procrastination/Fear of change)
This list is not exhaustive, since each young person has their own story and pace for achieving their goal. As a Professional School Coach, I adapt to your child and your family unit, I help him to restore order in the areas important to him (be careful, they may be different from yours) in order to start again. on better grounds.
School coaching always reflects positively on the whole family unit, because when the teenager is feeling better, the family feels better too!

If necessary, I can offer one or two sessions to parents only, during school coaching, so that they can better understand their child and his developments.

School coaching works on a present-future axis (who am I today – where do I want to go tomorrow), therefore we will not talk about the past, but about the current state of your young person, and we will consider her ideal future together

The coaching will be subject to professional confidentiality, and it is the young person who will choose what he wishes to return to his parents during the intermediate session and the final session.

However, if the young person came to tell me of an immediate danger or dangerous behavior for him, I would inform his parents.

During our sessions, I use questioning, to make the child speak, questionnaires to establish the learning and understanding profile, small written exercises or role plays, positive visualizations and NLP exercises, when I see the need. Each coaching is unique, and I therefore do tailor-made for my clients.