Accompaniment vip12

VIP12 Protocol, is a coaching process based on an exclusive
structure, created by L’Institut Suisse de Haute Performance (Institut Suisse de Haute Performance)

12 sessions, 12 themes, 12 weeks to ensure the transformations you desire.

The VIP12® process guarantees your results for :

Business & Career
Change of career direction, promotion, business development.

Transition to retirement
Transition from work to retirement. From 5 years before retirement.

Goals & Personal Productivity
Setting up your projects and objectives. Let your ambitions shine.

Employment & Vocational Rehabilitation
As soon as you are made redundant or enter the world of job search.

Studies & Entry into professional life
Transition from the world of study (schooling) to working life.

Couple & Family Relationships
Couple, communication, family structure.

Life transitions
Need to regain stability and structure following changes.

Stress & Burnout
Stress and burnout. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Is the VIP12® Process right for you?

When you join the VIP12® premium program, our team of professional counselors will work with you one-on-one or in small groups, either face-to-face or via video conference.

Why can we GUARANTEE YOUR RESULTS? Simply because it is a defined process in which we know from the beginning what tools you will get and what results they will bring you.

By working together, you will find yourself moving toward your goals and ambitions faster than you thought possible.

Coaching with the VIP12® Process takes place over 12 weeks, with one 60-minute session per week. Either by video conference or in person. An annual format over 12 months is also available.

You will progress quickly, and from the very first session, from where you are to where you want to go. And you’ll become more and more capable of making the big changes you want in all areas of your life. Plus, you’ll feel inspired to make positive and meaningful decisions every day.

✔ If you are ready to get the most advanced strategies to better progress and, therefore, change your life, this method is for you.

✔ If you want to get into research-based, results-driven coaching that has helped CEOs, athletes, and celebrities, this method is for you.

✔ If you want to move forward faster, accomplish more in three months than you would in five years and see results quickly, this method is for you.

✔ And if you’re ready to invest in yourself… because you are your priority and now is the time, this method is for you.

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