Life coaching in Annemasse

Life Coaching

Life coaching is offered for people from the age of 18, who are no longer in studies, and who are looking for short-term support for maximum of positive results!

The frequency is 8 to 12 one-hour sessions, at the rate of one hour per week (i.e. around 3 months maximum)

The reasons for undertaking life coaching are many and varied, but the most common cases include:
  • Sudden change in one’s life (accident of life or awareness) which forces you to take stock and regain self-confidence
  • Detection of a recurring behavior that one wishes to change (Hyper control/Shyness/Excessive altruism/Extreme susceptibility/Poor management of emotions/procrastination/Fear of change)
  • Desire to achieve an old or new objective and to give yourself every chance of achieving it (success of a diploma, sports, professional or personal project, change of life)
This list is not exhaustive, and each person has their own story and pace for achieving their goal. As a Professional Coach, I adapt to each of your requests and help you restore order in the areas that are important to you, in order to start on a better basis.
Life coaching works on a present-future axis (who am I today – where do I want to go tomorrow), therefore we will not talk about your past, but about your current state, and we will look forward your ideal future together.

I mainly use questioning during our sessions, but also written exercises or role plays, positive visualizations and NLP exercises, when I see the need. Each coaching is unique, and I therefore do tailor-made for my clients.